Example Definitions of "Enhancement"
Enhancement. Means a derivative work, improvement, modification, addition or enhancement of a Product or the Technology.
Enhancement. Computer program modifications or additions, other than Maintenance Modifications, that may, be integrated with the licensed StrikeForce Product(s) or offered separately by StrikeForce and alter the functionality of the licensed StrikeForce Product(s) or add new functions thereto.
Enhancement. A customization or enhancement of the Software, whether created solely by or on behalf of either of the parties or jointly by the parties
Enhancement. A modification of the Licensed Software by Licensor which provides (a) a capability not defined in the Product Specifications or (b) an improvement in the efficiency of the Licensed Software. Licensor may designate an Enhancement as "Major" or "Minor" depending on (a) Licensor's commercially reasonable assessment of the Enhancement's value and (b) whether the Enhancement adds a functional extension to the pre-existing Licensed Software. An Enhancement may entail a modification to the Product... Specifications and/or the Object Code and/or the Source Code View More
Enhancement. Enhancement shall mean [***].
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