Entitled Securities

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Entitled Securities. The Securities; provided, however, that a Security shall cease to be a Entitled Security upon the earliest to occur of the following: (i) the date on which such note has been exchanged by a Person other than a Broker-Dealer for an Exchange Note in the Exchange Offer; (ii) the date on which such Exchange Note is sold to a purchaser who receives from such Broker-Dealer on or prior to the date of such sale a copy of the prospectus contained in the Exchange Offer Registration Statement, following... the exchange by a Broker-Dealer in the Exchange Offer of a note for an Exchange Note; (iii) the date on which, in the circumstances contemplated by Section 2(b), a Shelf Registration Statement registering such Security under the Securities Act has been declared or becomes effective and such Security has been sold or otherwise transferred by the holder thereof pursuant to and in a manner contemplated by such effective Shelf Registration Statement; or (iv) the date on which such Security is actually sold by the holder thereof pursuant to Rule 144 under the Securities Act; provided that a Security will not cease to be an Entitled Security for purposes of the Exchange Offer or any Market-Making Registration by virtue of this clause (iv) View More
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