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Entry Date. Means the first Trading Day of each Exercise Period; provided, that in the case of an individual who becomes eligible to become a Participant under Section 3 after the first Trading Day of an Exercise Period (if applicable under the Exercise Periods established by the Committee pursuant to Section 4(b)), the term "Entry Date" shall mean the first Trading Day of the Purchase Period occurring on or after the day on which that individual becomes a Participant.
Entry Date. With respect to an Eligible Employee working for a Participating Employer, (1) the Effective Date for that Employee, (2) following the Effective Date, the first business day of each first and third calendar quarter of a calendar year, or (3) such other date as the Committee may determine. For an Eligible Employee of any affiliate of the Company who transfers to the permanent employment of a Participating Employer, the "Entry Date" means the start of the first practicable business day following... the transfer, as determined by the Committee, in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Participating Employer. View More
Entry Date. Shall mean the first Trading Day of an Offering Period
Entry Date. The first Trading Day of the Offering Period or, for new Participants, the first Trading Day of their first Purchase Period
Entry Date. Shall mean the date an Eligible Employee may commence participation in an Offering Period pursuant to Section 6. The first day of an Offering Period shall always be an Entry Date. The Plan Administrator may, in its discretion, permit other Entry Dates during an Offering Period.
Entry Date. The first day of any Plan Year and, as to any Eligible Employee, the date which is thirty (30) days from the date on which such Eligible Employee is first notified by the Committee of his or her eligibility to participate in the Plan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, for any individual first designated as an Eligible Employee on or before the Effective Date, his or her Entry Date shall be the Effective Date
Entry Date. Means the first day of each Offering Period.
Entry Date. Means, with respect to an Eligible Individual, the first day of the pay period commencing on or following the effective date of such Eligible Individual's participation in the Plan.
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