Environmental Liabilities

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Environmental Liabilities. Any and all liabilities, responsibilities, claims, suits, losses, costs (including remediation, removal, response, abatement, clean-up, investigative, and/or monitoring costs and any other related costs and expenses), other causes of action recognized now or at any later time, damages, settlements, expenses, charges, assessments, liens, penalties, fines, prejudgment and post-judgment interest, attorney fees and other legal fees (i) pursuant to any agreement, order, notice, requirement,... responsibility, or directive (including directives embodied in Environmental Laws), injunction, judgment or similar documents (including settlements) arising out of or in connection with any Environmental Laws, or (ii) pursuant to any claim by a governmental authority or other person or entity for personal injury, property damage, damage to natural resources, remediation, or similar costs or expenses incurred or asserted by such entity or person pursuant to common law or statute. View More
Environmental Liabilities. With respect to the Property or JRI, any and all manner of actions, causes of action, Losses, duties, requirements, orders, covenants, injunctions, decisions, judgments, directives, or rights of action of any nature (known or unknown, fixed or contingent) instituted, required, made, imposed, rendered, issued or in any way arising out of or under or pursuant to any Environmental Laws, whether instituted, required, made, imposed, rendered or issued by a Governmental Authority or by a third party
Environmental Liabilities. Means any and all Liabilities, whether unknown or known, disclosed or undisclosed, realized or contingent, arising from or relating to (i) any Release of Hazardous Materials to or from the Real Property, (ii) the off-site transportation, recycling, storage, treatment, use, emission, elimination, disposal or the off-site Release of Hazardous Materials generated in connection with any operations conducted at the Real Property, and (iii) violations of, or conduct with respect to any Environmental... Law or Environmental Permit in connection with operations conducted at the Real Property. View More
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