Equity Financing

Example Definitions of "Equity Financing"
Equity Financing. Shall mean the first offering by the Company of its equity securities occurring after the effective date of the Plan that results in net proceeds sufficient to finance the Company for at least one year from the date of closing of such offering.
Equity Financing. A cash investment in the Company of at least $2,000,000 in exchange for a series of Company preferred stock having a liquidation preference senior to the Company's existing series of preferred stock
Equity Financing. The sale by the Company of shares of its capital stock, or of other securities convertible into its capital stock, in a capital raising transaction (specifically excluding the issuance of securities upon exercise or conversion of securities outstanding on the date hereof, securities issued to service providers pursuant to an equity compensation arrangements, securities issued pursuant to corporate collaborations, mergers, debt financing, equipment leasing or any other transaction where the... primary purpose is not capital raising). View More
Equity Financing. Means a Qualified Private Financing, an Initial Public Offering, or a Qualified Follow-on Public Offering.
Equity Financing. Means an equity financing of the Company after the Effective Date, with the principal purpose of raising capital, excluding any equity offering pursuant to an employee benefit plan or the issuance of equity interests to service providers in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice.
Equity Financing. Means the first closing following the date of the Purchase Agreement in which the Company issues and sells shares of its capital stock to investors for bona fide capital raising purposes.
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