Equity Issuance

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Equity Issuance. ‘Equity Issuance' means each issuance of equity of any nature (public or private, common, preferred or otherwise) by the Maker or its parent (other than CCU, if applicable), or any subsidiaries of either of them, other than any one or more issuances of Class A common stock of CCO (i) to, or for the benefit of, any officers, directors or employees of, or consultants to, CCO or CCU (or, without duplication, any subsidiaries of either of them) pursuant to a qualified plan (under Section 401(a) of... the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended from time to time (together with all rules and regulations promulgated with respect thereto, the "Code")), an employee stock purchase. View More
Equity Issuance. Has the meaning ascribed to such term in the Credit Agreement.
Equity Issuance. Means the issuance or sale by any Company of any Common Stock or any other shares, options, warrants, or other ownership interests (regardless of how designated) of or in any Company, or any other security or instrument convertible into, or exchangeable for, Common Stock.
Equity Issuance. Shall mean (a) any issuance or sale by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries of any Equity Interests (including any Equity Interests issued upon exercise or conversion of any Equity Rights) or any Equity Rights, or (b) the receipt by the Company or any of its Subsidiaries of any capital contribution (whether or not evidenced by any Equity Interest issued by the recipient of such contribution), in each case for bona fide capital-raising purposes and other than (i) any issuance of Equity... Interests upon the exercise of any Equity Rights outstanding as of the date hereof provided, that such issuance is made pursuant to the terms of such Equity Rights in effect on the date hereof and such Equity Rights are not amended to increase the number of such Equity Interests or to decrease the exercise price, exchange price or conversion price of Equity Rights, (ii) Equity Interests issuable upon the exercise of Equity Rights or upon the lapse of forfeiture restrictions on awards made pursuant to an Approved Stock Plan (as defined in the Securities Purchase Agreement) (including Equity Interests withheld by the Company for the purpose of paying on behalf of the holder thereof the exercise price of stock options or for paying taxes due as a result of such exercise or lapse of forfeiture restrictions), (iii) Common Stock issuable upon the exercise of stock options or upon the lapse of forfeiture restrictions on awards made pursuant to, any stock option exchange program of the Company that is approved by the Board of Directors or the compensation committee thereof or the Company's stockholders, whether now in effect or hereafter implemented, (iv) Equity Interests issuable upon the exercise of Equity Rights issued as consideration in any merger, acquisition, business combination or strategic investment (including any joint venture, marketing, distribution, collaboration, license, strategic alliance or partnership), in connection with any consulting agreement, advisory agreement or independent contractor agreement or in connection with any debt facility established by the Company, including with any commercial bank or venture debt lender, or (v) any issuance of Equity Interests upon the conversion of the New Note. View More
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