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Eurodollar Rate. Means the variable rate announced by Webster Bank from day to day as its EURODOLLAR Rate, which rate shall be based upon the thirty (30) day London Interbank Offered Rate for the offering by the Bank to prime commercial banks in the inter-bank Eurodollar market of dollar deposits. Such EURODOLLAR Rate shall be increased by the maximum marginal reserve percentage, if any, as prescribed by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System for determining the reserve requirement for the Bank... for Eurodollar deposits having a maturity equal to one month. Any change in the interest rate under this Note resulting from a change in the EURODOLLAR Rate shall become effective immediately upon the date on which such change in the EURODOLLAR Rate shall be adopted by the Bank. View More
Eurodollar Rate. With respect to any Eurodollar Loan for any Interest Period, the interest rate per annum determined by the Agent by dividing (the resulting quotient rounded upwards, if necessary, to the nearest 1/100th of 1% per annum) (i) the rate of interest determined by the Agent in accordance with its usual procedures (which determination shall be conclusive absent manifest error) to be the average of the London interbank offered rates for U.S. Dollars quoted by the British Bankers' Association as set... forth on Dow Jones Markets Service (formerly known as Telerate) (or appropriate successor or, if British Bankers' Association or its successor ceases to provide such quotes, a comparable replacement determined by the Agent) display page 3750 (or such other display page on the Dow Jones Markets Service system as may replace display page 3750) two (2) Business Days prior to the first day of such Interest Period (or with respect to a Fixed Reset Eurodollar Loan, on the Reset Date for such Fixed Reset Eurodollar Loan) for an amount comparable to the principal amount of such Eurodollar Loan and having a borrowing date and a maturity comparable to such Interest Period by (ii) a number equal to 1.00 minus the Euro-Rate Reserve Percentage. The Eurodollar Rate may also be expressed by the following formula: Average of London interbank offered rates quoted by BBA as shown Eurodollar Rate = on Dow Jones Markets Service display page 3750 or appropriate successor 1.00 - Euro-Rate Reserve Percentage View More
Eurodollar Rate. Means Eurodollar Rate, Eurocurrency Rate, LIBOR, Adjusted LIBOR Rate, LIBOR Rate or any similar or analogous definition in the Credit Agreement.
Eurodollar Rate. With respect to any Eurodollar Rate Loan for any applicable Interest Period, the London interbank offered rate administered by the British Bankers Association (or any other Person that takes over the administration of such rate) for Dollars for a period equal in length to such Interest Period as displayed on pages LIBOR01 or LIBOR02 of the Reuters screen or, in the event such rate does not appear on either of such Reuters pages, on any successor or substitute page on such screen that displays... such rate, or on the appropriate page of such other information service that publishes such rate as shall be selected by the Administrative Agent from time to time in its reasonable discretion (the "Screen Rate") as of 11:00 A. M. London time, two Business Days prior to the beginning of such Interest Period; provided that (x) if any Screen Rate shall be less than zero, such rate shall be deemed to be zero for purposes of this Agreement and (y) if a Screen Rate shall not be available at the applicable time for the applicable Interest Period (the "Impacted Interest Period"), then the Eurodollar Rate for the Impacted Interest Period shall be the Interpolated Rate; provided that, if any Interpolated Rate shall be less than zero, such rate shall be deemed to be zero for purposes of this Agreement; each of the foregoing determinations shall be subject to Section 3.5. View More
Eurodollar Rate. (i) delete the words "British Bankers Association" and (ii) replace such words with the words "ICE Benchmark Administration".
Eurodollar Rate. Provided, the Eurodollar Rate shall in no event be less than 0.50% per annum at any time.
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