Excepted Issuance

Example Definitions of "Excepted Issuance"
Excepted Issuance. Means: (i) Corporation's issuance of Common Stock in full or partial consideration in connection with a strategic merger, acquisition, consolidation or purchase of substantially all of the securities or assets of a corporation or other entity, so long as such issuances are not for the purpose of raising capital and which holders of such securities or debt are not at any time granted registration rights, (ii) the Corporation's issuance of Common Stock or the issuances or grants of options to... purchase Common Stock to employees, directors, and consultants, pursuant to an Approved Stock plan at or above Fair Market Value, (iii) securities upon the exercise, exchange or conversion of any securities exercisable, exchangeable for or convertible into shares of Common Stock issued and outstanding as of the date hereof and pursuant to terms and conditions that have not been amended since the date hereof. View More
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