Excess Pre-2005 Amounts

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Excess Pre-2005 Amounts. At the time the Participant attains age 65 or would have attained age 65, and from time to time thereafter, the balance in a Participant's vested Pre-2005 Benefit Account that exceeds the present value of the amount estimated to be required to pay expected future premiums over the current life expectancy of the Participant on that date or what it would have been if the Participant was still living. For purposes of determining an Excess Pre-2005 Amount, the interest rate shall be the annual... adjustment rate set forth in the Participant's Joinder Agreement, and life expectancy shall be determined under Tables V and VI of Treasury Regulation Section 1.72-9. The determination of Excess Pre-2005 Amounts shall be solely within the discretion of the Committee, except that the Participant or Spouse, if any, shall provide information to determine the expected future Health Plan premiums. The Participant's Post-2004 Benefit Account shall not be taken into account in determining his Excess Pre-2005 Amount View More
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