Exchange Rate

Example Definitions of "Exchange Rate"
Exchange Rate. The rate for converting one currency into another currency that the Bank determines to be prevailing in the relevant foreign exchange market at the relevant time, such determination to be conclusive and billing on the Borrower
Exchange Rate. The exchange rate of Australian dollars to Canadian dollars, namely 1:0.8745.
Exchange Rate. On any day the closing mid-point rate shown in the Financial Times, on that day or for the day used to ascertain Market Value or such other rate as agreed in advance with HM Revenue & Customs
Exchange Rate. Set specified in the Indenture
Exchange Rate. Shall mean one (1) Partnership Unit per one (1) Share.
Exchange Rate. Means, on the date of determination of any amount of Canadian Dollars to be converted into another currency pursuant to this certificate for any reason, or vice-versa, the spot rate of exchange for converting Canadian Dollars into such other currency or vice-versa, as the case may be, established by Thomson Reuters pursuant to the WM/Reuters 12 noon ET FIX FX Benchmark at approximately 12:30 p.m. (Toronto time) on the date of such determination (or such other date as may be specified herein).
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