Excluded Accounts

Example Definitions of "Excluded Accounts"
Excluded Accounts. $2,500,00 in aggregate for all such accounts; and (iv) the Stock Repurchase Account (the accounts referred to in clauses (i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) above, collectively, "Excluded Accounts")
Excluded Accounts. Individually or collectively as the context requires, payroll, withholding tax, escrow, trust fund and other fiduciary deposit accounts
Excluded Accounts. Means (a) any segregated Deposit Account specifically and exclusively used to hold tax funds, trust funds and other Collateral funds reasonably acceptable to Agent (b) controlled disbursement accounts (to the extent that such accounts are zero balance accounts), (c) Petty Cash Accounts and (d) Deposit Accounts maintained by the Loan Parties at First Fidelity Bank; provided that for the avoidance of doubt, the aggregate amount held in Deposit Accounts maintained by the Loan Parties at First... Fidelity Bank shall not exceed (i) $750,000 at any time prior to the one-year anniversary of the Amendment No. 1 Effective Date and (ii) $1,000,000 at any time thereafter. View More
Excluded Accounts. Means accounts specifically and exclusively used for payroll, payroll taxes and other employee wage and benefit payments to or for the benefit of any Debtor's employees.
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