Excluded Deposits

Example Definitions of "Excluded Deposits"
Excluded Deposits. Any and all deposits of HSBC and its Affiliates that are not Assumed Deposits, including, but not limited to: (i) any proprietary deposits of HSBC or any of its Affiliates booked at the Banking Centers, (ii) any deposits associated with the Retained Businesses (including deposits booked at the Banking Centers), (iii) deposits acquired through the telephone or the internet or other electronic media from Persons with primary addresses located in the Designated Footprint that are not Banking... Center Customers, (iv) any deposits that become Excluded Deposits pursuant to Section 7.11, (v) any deposits of Retained Employees, (vi) deposits that, as of the date that is three (3) Business Days prior to the Closing Date, are subject to a legal hold or levy, including those holds or levies placed on such deposits as a result of an attachment, garnishment, in-arrears child support order and other legal actions, (vii) deposits held in an account designated by HSBC's internal classification system as a "Premier" deposit account if the relationship manager assigned to such deposit account is located in a branch of Seller other than a Banking Center and (viii) deposits of Banking Center Customers who (a) have a primary mailing address (based on the HSBC Sellers' records) within a country listed on Schedule 1.1(p) or (b) have a primary mailing address (based on the HSBC Sellers' records) outside the United States and not having a United States tax identification number recorded on the HSBC Sellers' account records for such Banking Center Customer. View More
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