Excluded IP

Example Definitions of "Excluded IP"
Excluded IP. Means any and all Intellectual Property primarily used (or held for use) in or primarily relating to the following: (i) Rosa® Surgical Robot; (ii) Trabecular MetalTM Technology (including the manufacturing materials and methods therefor); (iii) WalterLorenz® Surgical Assist Arm; (iv) MyMobility® Platform; (v) OptiVuTM Mixed Reality/Augmented Reality technology; (vi) Surgical Navigation (NaviscoutTM); (vii) VerteGen/Equivabone; (viii) Mimix®; (vix) Mimix® QS; (vx) Otomimix; (xxi) Calcigen®-S;... (xxii) ProOsteon; (xxiii) CapSpheres; and (xxiv) Vivacit-E® Vitamin E Polyethelyne. Excluded IP also means any and all "Technology" and "Improvements" as those terms are defined in the Fiber DBM License Agreement. View More
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