Excluded Items

Example Definitions of "Excluded Items"
Excluded Items. The items on the attached Exhibit B-2, which are not part of the Irrigation Equipment or the Personal Property, Improvements or Property being sold to Purchaser.
Excluded Items. All personal items, all furniture, trade fixtures and equipment, and all fixtures used exclusively in connection with the specific business (the "Business") being conducted at the Property by Seller or an Affiliated Occupant (as hereinafter defined) including but not limited to the following: (i) any apparatus or personal property that is located in or on the Property and used in connection with the Business, (ii) Seller's artwork, and (iii) all trade fixtures, equipment, furniture,... furnishings, supplies, records, documents, cash, coin and other items of moveable personal property relating to the operation of the Business, and/or any other materials and/or items located within any engineering, product testing or other laboratory space, including, without limitation, all safes, Seller identification signage, telecommunication equipment, security systems and equipment, infrastructure, satellite dishes and antennas, computers, computer terminals and computer equipment, network switches and servers, any office equipment (whether leased or owned) located in the Improvements and any personal property belonging to any tenant and/or individual occupying any portion of the Property. All of the Excluded Items are hereby excluded from the Property to be conveyed hereunder and shall remain the property of Seller. View More
Excluded Items. Means any gains or losses from the sale of assets outside the ordinary course of business; any gains or losses from discontinued operations; any extraordinary gains or losses; the effects of accounting changes; any unusual, nonrecurring, transition, one-time or similar items or charges; the diluted impact of goodwill on acquisitions; and any other items specified by the Administrator; provided that, for Awards intended to qualify as performance-based compensation under Code Section 162(m), the... Administrator shall specify the Excluded Items in writing at the time the Award is made unless, after application of the Excluded Items, the amount payable under the Award is reduced. View More
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