Excluded Product Areas

Example Definitions of "Excluded Product Areas"
Excluded Product Areas. Specifically identifiable and reasonably distinguishable product areas in which neither Party or only one Party engages in business as of the Effective Date. A non-exclusive list of Excluded Product Areas includes (1) stand-alone wet-cleaning, (2) ion implant, (3) flat panel display processes and production equipment, (4) stand-alone metrology and optical or e-beam inspection of wafers or masks, (5) mask writing, (6) photoresist strip, (7) etch, (8) epitaxial deposition and (9) RTP (Rapid... thermal processing). For the avoidance of doubt, the following areas, without limitation, shall conclusively be deemed to not be Excluded Product Areas: (1) integrated anneal, (2) CVD (Chemical vapor deposition), (3) PVD (Physical vapor deposition), (4) PECVD (Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition), (5) HDP-PECVD (High density plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition), (6) ALD (Atomic layer deposition), (7) ECD (Electrochemical deposition) and (8) CMP (Chemical mechanical planarization) (except for Permitted Applied CMP Claims and Permitted Novellus CMP Claims) View More
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