Excluded Subsidiary

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Excluded Subsidiary. LinnCo, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, so long as it holds no assets, incurs no Debt and has no operations other than (a) its ownership of Equity Interests in the Borrower, and assets and operations incidental thereto and (b) other assets not to exceed $1,000,000 in the aggregate at any time outstanding.
Excluded Subsidiary. Means any Subsidiary (a) holding title to assets that are or are to become collateral for any Secured Indebtedness of such Subsidiary and (b) that is prohibited from (i) making Restricted Payments to the Borrower or any Guarantor or otherwise transferring property to the Borrower or any Guarantor or (ii) Guaranteeing the Indebtedness of the Borrower, in each case, pursuant to (x) any document, instrument, or agreement evidencing or that will evidence such Secured Indebtedness or (y) any... provision of such Subsidiary's organizational documents which provision was included in such Subsidiary's organizational documents as a condition to the extension of such Secured Indebtedness. View More
Excluded Subsidiary. (i) any Subsidiary that is not a Wholly-owned Domestic Operating Subsidiary, (ii) any Domestic Subsidiary that is a Subsidiary of a CFC or any Domestic Subsidiary (including a disregarded entity for U.S. federal income tax purposes) substantially all of whose assets (held directly or through Subsidiaries) consist of Capital Stock of one or more CFCs or Indebtedness of such CFCs, (iii) any Immaterial Subsidiary, (iv) any Subsidiary listed on Schedule III, (v) each of Calnev Pipe Line LLC, SFPP,... L.P., Kinder Morgan G.P., Inc. and EPEC Realty, Inc. and each of its Subsidiaries, (vi) any other Subsidiary that is not a Guarantor under the Revolving Credit Agreement Guarantee, (vii) any not-for-profit Subsidiary, (viii) any Subsidiary that is prohibited by a Requirement of Law from guaranteeing the Guaranteed Obligations, and (ix) any Subsidiary acquired by KMI or its Subsidiaries after the date of this Agreement to the extent, and so long as, the financing documentation governing any existing Indebtedness of such Subsidiary that survives such acquisition prohibits such Subsidiary from guaranteeing the Guaranteed Obligations; provided, that notwithstanding the foregoing, any Subsidiary that is party to the Revolving Credit Agreement Guarantee or that Guarantees any senior notes or senior debt securities issued by KMI (other than pursuant to this Agreement) shall not constitute an Excluded Subsidiary for so long as such Guarantee is in effect. View More
Excluded Subsidiary. At any time (a) any Foreign Subsidiary, (b) any subsidiary of a Foreign Subsidiary, (c) any Domestic Subsidiary that is a disregarded entity for United States Federal income tax purposes substantially all of the assets of which consist of equity interests in one or more Foreign Subsidiaries, (d) any Subsidiary that is prohibited or restricted by applicable law from providing a guarantee of the Obligations or if such guarantee would require governmental (including regulatory) consent, approval,... license or authorization, (e) any special purpose securitization vehicle (or similar entity), (f) any Subsidiary that is a not-for-profit organization, (g) any other Subsidiary with respect to which, in the reasonable judgment of the Administrative Agent (confirmed in writing by notice to the Company), the cost or other consequences (including any adverse tax consequences) of providing the Subsidiary Guarantee Agreement shall be excessive in view of the benefits to be obtained by the Lenders therefrom, (h) any other Subsidiaries acquired or organized after the Effective Date that, together with their own subsidiaries on a combined consolidated basis, shall not, individually or in the aggregate for all such Subsidiaries under this clause (h), have accounted for more than 5% of Consolidated Total Assets or more than 5% of the consolidated total revenues of the Company and the Subsidiaries at the end of, or for the period of four fiscal quarters ended with, the most recent fiscal quarter of the Company for which financial statements shall have been delivered pursuant to Section 5.06(a) or (b) (or, prior to the delivery of any such financial statements, at the end of or for the period of four fiscal quarters ended September 30, 2017), and (i) any CFC Holdco. View More
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