Exclusive Field of Use

Example Definitions of "Exclusive Field of Use"
Exclusive Field of Use. Means the use of the Products and/or New Products in the Territory for all uses in human and veterinary applications except those described in the Non-Exclusive Field of Use. For the avoidance of doubt, (a) the "Exclusive Field of Use" does not include any exclusivity to wound care applications in the Territory and (b) upon termination of the license rights granted to Biotherapy Services Ltd., Arthrex shall have the exclusive rights in the non-surgical aesthetics markets in the United Kingdom... and Ireland. View More
Exclusive Field of Use. The marketing, sale and distribution (including e-distribution) of any in-person or remote (e.g., livestream of a live event, recording of a live event, and/or on-demand) service offerings in real estate investing strategies and techniques, asset protection, product and entrepreneurship in any form of communication or media to one or more recipients, including, but not limited to, workshops, seminars, webinars, coaching, and mentorships, and related product or services.
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