Executive Registrable Securities

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Executive Registrable Securities. (i) any Common Stock issued or distributed in respect of Class B Units, Class C Units, Class D-1 Units, Class D-2 Units and Class D-3 Units of the Company issued to the Executives and (ii) any other equity securities of the Company or a Subsidiary of the Company issued or issuable directly or indirectly with respect to the securities referred to in clause (i) above by way of a dividend, distribution or equity split or in connection with a combination of equity interests, recapitalization,... reclassification, merger, consolidation or other reorganization (including any common stock issued or issuable to the Executives in connection with the conversion of the Company from a limited liability company to a corporation). As to any particular Executive Registrable Securities, such securities shall cease to be Executive Registrable Securities when they have been distributed to the public pursuant to an offering registered under the Securities Act or sold to the public through a broker, dealer or market maker in compliance with Rule 144 under the Securities Act (or any similar rule then in force) or repurchased by the Company or any Subsidiary. View More
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