Executive Securities

Example Definitions of "Executive Securities"
Executive Securities. The Purchased Equity, Incentive Equity and Preferred Options collectively. Executive Securities will continue to be Executive Securities in the hands of any holder other than the Executive Securityholder (except for the Company, the Investment Company and other Stockholders, and except for transferees in a Sale of the Company), and except as otherwise provided herein, each such other holder of Executive Securities will succeed to all rights and obligations attributable to the Executive... Securityholder as a holder of Executive Securities hereunder. Executive Securities will also include the Company's and the Investment Company's securities issued with respect to Executive Securities by way of a stock split or stock dividend and securities into which such shares of stock or rights to acquire stock may be changed by reason of a recapitalization, reorganization, merger, consolidation or any other change in the structure or capitalization of the Company, including but not limited to debt or shares of common stock and/or preferred stock and/or options of any corporate successor to the business of the Company or the Investment Company, whether issued in connection with a public offering of securities of such entity or otherwise. View More
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