Exempt Transfer

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Exempt Transfer. (i) Transfers of Shares pursuant to a Qualified IPO; (ii) Transfers pursuant to a Rule 144 Open Market Transaction, (iii) Transfers directly to, or for the benefit of a Holder's spouse or children, or to trusts, partnerships or any other entity for the benefit of such Person or Person's family primarily for estate planning purposes; (iv) Transfers by a Holder to his heirs, executors, personal representatives or other assigns as a result of his death and Transfers by a Holder to the heirs,... executors, personal representatives or other assignors of an Affiliate of such Holder as a result of the death of such Affiliates; (v) Transfers without consideration by a Holder to his or its Affiliates (including with respect to Holders which are partnerships, Transfer to their partners); and (vi) Transfers by a Major Common Holder through bona fide gifts of up to an aggregate maximum of five percent (5%) of all Shares held by such Major Common Holder on the Effective Date; provided, however, that (x) Major Common Holders shall only be permitted to Transfer Shares which are fully vested and/or no longer subject to any repurchase right in favor of the Company and (y) any such Transfer shall not be to any entity deemed in good faith by the Board to be a competitor, or Affiliate of a competitor, of the Company. In addition, any Transferee pursuant to (iii), (iv), (v) and (vi) above, prior to the effectiveness of any Transfer, must first agree to be bound by Sections 6, 7, 8 and 10 of this Agreement. View More
Exempt Transfer. Any Transfer of Covered Shares to (i) any member of the Fairfax Group provided that the Stockholder continues to beneficially own the Covered Shares to the same extent or (ii) pursuant to the AVLN Transfer (as further described in the Beneficial Ownership Disclosure) to any member of the Fairfax Group.
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