Exempt Voting Transfer

Example Definitions of "Exempt Voting Transfer"
Exempt Voting Transfer. Means, with respect to any Family Member Shares, any Transfer: (i) by an Undersigned Family Member to an Exempt Transferee; (ii) by an Exempt Transferee to a Subsequent Exempt Transferee of any Family Member Shares (or any substitute therefor) received from an Undersigned Family Member, but only if the Transfer of such Family Member Shares would have qualified as an Exempt Voting Transfer under clause (i) above if the Transfer were directly from the Undersigned Family Member to the... Subsequent Exempt Transferee; or (iii) that is a Permitted Pledge or Permitted Constructive Disposition; provided, however, that no Transfer pursuant to clause (i) or (ii) shall be an Exempt Voting Transfer unless each Person to whom any such Transfer is made (unless such Person is already a party and so bound) simultaneously therewith becomes a party to this Agreement and agrees to be bound hereby with respect to such Family Member Shares to the same extent as such Family Member. View More
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