Example Definitions of "Exhibit"
Exhibit. The meaning set forth in the preamble
Exhibit. Any exhibit to this Agreement.
Exhibit. Shall mean any appendix to this Framework Agreement or to a Separate Assignment Agreement;
Exhibit. To this Third Amendment have the meanings given to them in this Third Amendment.
Exhibit. The following Exhibits, which are attached hereto, and become a part of, this Agreement. Exhibit A – Commercial Products 9 Exhibit B – Products Specifications Exhibit C – Contract Manufacturing Price Schedule Exhibit D – Packaging Specifications and Materials Exhibit E – Sale of PICONYX or PICONYX Property; Change of Control; Exhibit F – Manufacturing Facility Exhibit G – PICONYX Background IP Exhibit H – CARBO Retained Equipment Exhibit I – Third Party Manufacturing Payment Schedule Exhibit J... – CARBO Background IP View More
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