Existing Business

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Existing Business. Business conducted or investment held by any member of the GE Group (including any joint venture agreement to which any member of the GE Group is a party (a 'GE Group JV')), including as set forth on Schedule A, that the GE Group or any GE Group JV can reasonably demonstrate by ordinary course business documents or systems was, as of the Signing Date (a) conducted or held by the GE Group or such GE Group JV or (b) contemplated or being developed or designed by the GE Group or such GE Group JV,... and including without limitation, with respect to both clauses (a) and (b), any reasonably foreseeable enhancements or extensions thereof (including by further investments therein), provided that such enhancements or extensions thereof, including by further investments therein, continue to fall within the general scope of the applicable business or investment. View More
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