Existing Lenders

Example Definitions of "Existing Lenders"
Existing Lenders. Means the financial institutions that are parties to the Existing Credit Agreements from time to time as lenders
Existing Lenders. Means, collectively, PNC Bank, National Association, Truist Bank, Bank of America, N.A., MUFG Bank Ltd., Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., The Toronto-Dominion Bank, New York Branch, Mizuho Bank, Ltd., The Bank of Nova Scotia, Houston Branch, CoBank, ACB, Capital One, National Association, U.S. Bank National Association, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, ING Bank N.V., Susser Bank, and Trustmark National Bank.
Existing Lenders. Shall have the meaning set forth in Recital Paragraph A of the First Amendment.
Existing Lenders. Has the meaning specified in Recital A of this agreement.
Existing Lenders. Collectively, Existing Lender - Barry, Existing Lender - Kudu and Existing Lender - Bradley Resources, each of them is an "Existing Lender"
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