Existing Secured Debt

Example Definitions of "Existing Secured Debt"
Existing Secured Debt. Shall mean the existing loan due by Borrowers to Bridge Bank N.A. whose address is 2120 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050.
Existing Secured Debt. Has the meaning set forth in the Loan Agreement.
Existing Secured Debt. Means all obligations, liabilities and indebtedness of every nature of the Company from time to time owed to (i) Partners for Growth III, L.P. pursuant to that certain Loan and Security Agreement dated December 14, 2011 between the Company and Partners for Growth III, L.P; and (ii) holders of certain senior secured subordinated promissory notes issued pursuant to the Note Purchase Agreement dated March __, 2014, by and between the Company and the signatories thereto ("Existing Note Holders").
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