Exit Event

Example Definitions of "Exit Event"
Exit Event. Means the earlier to occur of (i) a Sale of the Corporation or (ii) a Qualified Public Offering.
Exit Event. The meaning set forth in the Certificate.
Exit Event. Means a transaction which results in the sale of at least 80% of the Company's Stock held by the Investors immediately prior to such event for cash or marketable securities.
Exit Event. Exit event as defined in the Management Shareholders Agreement
Exit Event. Means the first transaction or the first series of transactions producing in a combined fashion one event, which is (a) a merger or acquisition type transaction involving the sale of all or a majority of the shares of the Company to the acquiring company or merged entity; (b) results in the transfer or assignment of this Agreement (with the prior written consent of the Licensors, if and as required hereunder); or (c) an initial public offering of the Company's shares ('IPO').
Exit Event. Directly or indirectly, (a) a consolidation, merger or similar business combination in which the holders of voting securities of the Company immediately prior thereto are not the holders of a majority in interest of the voting securities of the surviving Person in such transaction, (b) any Person or group becomes the Beneficial Owner of 50% or more of the outstanding voting securities of the Company (other than any such Beneficial Owners as of the date hereof), (c) a sale of all or... substantially all of the assets related to the Product or (d) an exclusive (including as to the Company and its Affiliates) license to all of Company's and its Affiliates' rights to develop, commercialize and manufacture the Product throughout the United States, in each case of the foregoing clauses (a)-(d), other than any such transaction solely involving the Company or one or more of its wholly-owned subsidiaries View More
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