Expanded Neuro Field

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Expanded Neuro Field. Applications and uses with respect to any anatomical structure caudal to and including the first cervical vertebra ("C1") of the spine other than (a) access to such structure by Transcervical Delivery and (b) use of any transfemoral embolic protection device in such structure in connection with (i) CAS (stenting of atherosclerotic lesions of the carotid artery), (ii) TAVR (percutaneous intervention for aortic valve disease) or (iii) any other intervention in which the embolic protection device... is intended to protect from an embolus which arises from the intervention itself, rather than treat a preexisting stroke. For clarity, an ‘embolic protection device' is a device intended to prevent emboli which may be created or dislodged during an interventional procedure from reaching the brain and does not include devices intended to treat preexisting strokes. View More
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