Example Definitions of "Expenditures"
Expenditures. All costs incurred on or for the benefit of the Property for Exploration and Development Work pursuant to this Agreement, including but not limited to: (a) salaries, wages and costs of benefits, labor overhead expenses and travel and living expenses for SHI's employees and/or agents employed directly on or for the benefit of the Property; (b) costs and expenses of equipment, machinery, materials and supplies; (c) all payments to contractors for work on or for the benefit of the Property; (d)... costs of sampling, assays, metallurgical testing and analyses and other costs incurred to determine the quantity and quality of minerals on the Property; (e) costs incurred to apply for and obtain approvals, consents, licenses, permits and rights-of-way and other similar rights in connection with activities on the Property; (f) expenses and payments of rentals, bonuses, minimum advance royalties and other payments pursuant to the Underlying Agreements, if any; (g) costs and expenses of performanc e of annual assessment work and the filing and recording of proof of performance of annual assessment work, if required to be performed; (h) costs and expenses of payment of federal annual mining claim maintenance fees and the filing and recording of proof of payment of federal annual mining claim maintenance fees; (i) all costs and expenses of performance of all obligations under the Underlying Agreements, if any; (j) all taxes and assessments levied against the Property; (k) costs incurred in the examination of and curative actions taken concerning title to the Property; and (l) costs incurred to acquire new Property in the area governed by this Agreement. View More
Expenditures. All direct or indirect costs and expenses (including, among others, travel, legal and accounting) incurred by or on behalf of the Optionees in respect of prospecting, exploring and developing the Property, pursuant to Section 4.2(c) hereof, incurred before or after the Effective Date, including, but not limited to, any and all costs, fees and expenses that may be paid to obtain a NI 43-101 compliant technical report, feasibility, engineering or other studies or reports on or with respect to the... Property, and assessments relating to the concessions. The certificate of the Chief Financial Officer or other financial or operational officer of CLGL, together with a statement of the Expenditures in reasonable detail shall be prima facie evidence of such Expenditures. View More
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