Extended Term Loans

Example Definitions of "Extended Term Loans"
Extended Term Loans. Like outstanding principal amount, provided that, in the event that the aggregate principal amount of the Existing Non-Extended Term Loans which Accepting Lenders agree to convert into Extended Term Loans in accordance with the foregoing clause (i) or (ii) (such Existing Non-Extended Term Loans being referred to herein as the "Designated Existing Non-Extended Term Loans") is greater than $300,000,000, the Borrower may (but shall not be obligated to) elect, by written notice to the... Administrative Agent, to cause less than all (but not less than $300,000,000 aggregate principal amount) of the Designated Existing Non-Extended Term Loans to become Extended Term Loans, such allocation to be made on a pro rata basis among the Accepting Lenders, such that the same proportion of each Accepting Lender's Designated Existing Non-Extended Term Loans is so converted into Extended Term Loans (such election, a "Pro Rata Allocation Election"). View More
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