Extraordinary Acquisition of Assets

Example Definitions of "Extraordinary Acquisition of Assets"
Extraordinary Acquisition of Assets. An unusual or nonrecurring event affecting the Company or any subsidiary, or any business division or unit or the financial statements of Company or any subsidiary, involving the acquisition of new financial assets to be managed or administered for advisory or other fees by any subsidiary or any business division or unit, such as the acquisition of investment companies or partnerships (or their assets) previously managed by other persons, the acquisition of other investment advisory or... management firms (or their assets) or the formation of joint ventures, partnerships or similar entities with other firms, provided that such fees shall be based upon such assets and payable to the subsidiary or business division or unit upon consummation of the transaction. The formation of new investment companies or partnerships by the Company or any subsidiary or the acquisition of new private accounts to be managed by the Company or any subsidiary in the ordinary course of its business shall not constitute an Extraordinary Acquisition of Assets. View More
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