Extraordinary Expenses

Example Definitions of "Extraordinary Expenses"
Extraordinary Expenses. Those expenses incurred from time to time by ArQule in connection with the Directed Array Program and approved by the Research Committee and Sankyo which are not (i) direct, out-of-pocket costs provided for in the Research Plan which are directly attributable to the Directed Array Program or (ii) fixed overhead costs provided for in the Research Plan which are allocable to the Directed Array Program.
Extraordinary Expenses. Attorneys' fees and disbursements, court costs and fees of any outside agency incurred subsequent to a Transaction being in Liquidation and in connection with the enforcement of any rights or remedies under a Merchant Advance Company's Merchant Agreement, or in defending a Transaction Related Claim
Extraordinary Expenses. Means all costs, expenses, liabilities or advances that Lender may incur or make during a Default or Event of Default, or during the pendency of a proceeding of any Loan Party under any Debtor Relief Laws.
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