Example Definitions of "Facilities"
Facilities. The banking facilities (or any pan of It/ specified in the Banking Facility Letter and such other facilities, loans, overdrafts, advances, etc. from time to time made available by the Bank
Facilities. Shall mean the facilities of HMO.
Facilities. Sharp's manufacturing facilities located at 23 Carland Road, Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428, and 7451 Keebler Way, Allentown, Pennsylvania 19106 and/or any other facility as may be designated by Sharp from time to time during the Term and approved in advance in writing by the Manufacturer for use.
Facilities. Buyer and Seller have entered into a Facility Agreement dated January 9, 2009 that covers the responsibility for the installation, if any, ownership, operation and maintenance of the pipeline, tap and meter facilities necessary to receive Gas hereunder. Additional Facility Agreements may be entered into by the Parties from time to time in the event additional delivery points are added to this Agreement.
Facilities. Shall mean the underground storage facilities owned by Plains at Tirzah, South Carolina, including, but not limited to, all storage caverns, related surface and subsurface equipment, and loading and unloading terminals.
Facilities. (i) the Real Property and (ii) any real property leased or rented by Seller relating to the Business now or at any time since January 1, 1996.
Facilities. Those facilities owned, operated or leased by Customer, Vendor or a third party, at which Personnel provide any Services hereunder (including any Secondary Site)
Facilities. The Atholville Facility, the Delta Facility and the Poekmouche Facility
Facilities. The Rail Terminal and the Pipeline Facilities
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