Facility Documents

Example Definitions of "Facility Documents"
Facility Documents. This Agreement, the Security Documents and all other agreements, certificates, instruments and other documents delivered or to be delivered by the Borrower hereunder or thereunder, each as amended, modified, supplemented, restated or replaced from time to time
Facility Documents. This note or any document executed by the undersigned or by any Third Party granting security or support for this note and all other agreements, instruments or other documents executed by the undersigned or a Third Party or otherwise executed in connection with this note, whether by guaranty, subordination, grant of a security interest or any other credit support, or which is contained in any certificate, document, opinion, financial or other statement furnished at the time under or in... connection with any Facility Document View More
Facility Documents. Collectively, this Agreement, each Note Purchase Agreement, each Note, the Fee Letter, each Note Purchase Proposal, each Note Purchase Confirmation and each other document executed and delivered in connection herewith or therewith.
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