FCCR Availability

Example Definitions of "FCCR Availability"
FCCR Availability. Means, at any time on and after the Amendment No. 9 Effective Date, an amount equal to the sum of (a) the lesser of (i) the Aggregate Revolving Commitment and (ii) the Borrowing Base (provided, however, for the purposes of calculating FCCR Availability for Section 6.12 only, the $5,000,000 Reserve imposed by the Administrative Agent prior to the Amendment No. 9 Effective Date which is applicable to all Borrowing Base Certificates delivered on and after January 2019 shall be disregarded) plus... (b) Qualified Cash in an amount approved by the Administrative Agent in its sole discretion not to exceed $5,000,000 minus (c) the Aggregate Revolving Exposure (calculated, with respect to any Defaulting Lender, as if such Defaulting Lender had funded its Applicable Percentage of all outstanding Borrowings), all as determined by the Administrative Agent in its Permitted Discretion in accordance with this Agreement. View More
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