Federal Funds Rate

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Federal Funds Rate. Means, a rate per annum equal to the weighted average of the rates on overnight federal funds transactions with members of the Federal Reserve System arranged by federal funds brokers on such day, as published by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on the Business Day next succeeding such day, provided that (i) if the day for which such rate is to be determined is not a Business Day, the Federal Funds Effective Rate for such day shall be such rate on such transactions on the next preceding... Business Day as so published on the next succeeding Business Day, and (ii) if such rate is not so published for any day, the Federal Funds Effective Rate for such day shall be the average of the quotations for such day on such transactions received by CPC from three Federal Funds brokers of recognized standing selected by it. View More
Federal Funds Rate. For any day, a fluctuating rate of interest equal to the Federal Funds Rate as published in the "Money Rates" section of The Wall Street Journal. Any change in the rate will take effect on the effective date as indicated in The Wall Street Journal. Interest will accrue on any non-Business Day at the rate in effect on the immediately preceding Business Day
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