Example Definitions of "FF&E"
FF&E. Means furniture, fixtures and equipment (including, without limitation, slot machines, video poker machines, and all other gaming equipment and related signage, accessories and peripheral equipment) acquired by the Borrowers in the ordinary course of business for use in the construction and business operations of the Borrowers and that are purchased with the proceeds of the Loan.
FF&E. All furniture, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and all other items of personal property customarily used in connection with the operation of the Property and owned by Borrower or Operating Tenant (as defined in the Mortgage)
FF&E. Means all furniture, fixtures and equipment located at or used in connection with the operation of the Real Property or the business conducted thereon, including, without limitation, furniture, furnishings, fixtures, all fabric, textile and flexible plastic products (not including FAS) which are used in furnishing the hotel, including carpeting, drapes, bedspreads, wall and floor coverings, mats, shower curtains and similar items, furniture and furnishings used in the hotel, including, chairs,... beds, chests, headboards, desks, lamps, tables, television sets, mirrors, pictures, wall decorations and similar items, signage, audio visual equipment, kitchen appliances, vehicles, carpeting and equipment, including front desk and back of the house computer equipment, but shall not include FAS, as more particularly described in the Management Agreement. View More
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