Fidelity Investor

Example Definitions of "Fidelity Investor"
Fidelity Investor. Means any of Fidelity Select Portfolios: Biotechnology Portfolio and Fidelity Advisor Series VII: Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology Fund, or permitted transferees of shares of Preferred Stock (or shares of Common Stock issued upon conversion thereof) held by such Fidelity Investor.
Fidelity Investor. Each Investor advised or subadvised by Fidelity or one of its Affiliates
Fidelity Investor. Means any Investor that is advised or sub-advised by Fidelity. For the sake of clarity, as of the date hereof, the Fidelity Investors are indicated on Exhibit A hereto.
Fidelity Investor. Fidelity and any Investor advised or sub-advised by Fidelity
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