Fields of Use

Example Definitions of "Fields of Use"
Fields of Use. Each field consisting of (i) Horticulture, (ii) Post-Harvest Sanitation of Fruits and Vegetables, (iii) Dairy Use, and (iv) Poultry Drinking Water, and subject to the written amendment of this Agreement, and compliance by Licensee of the terms and conditions set forth herein, may include additional Optional Fields of Use.
Fields of Use. Shall mean the Surgical Field of Use and the Venous Field of Use.
Fields of Use. Shall mean the Surgical Field of Use and the Percutaneous Field of Use.
Fields of Use. The fields defined below: (a) "EXCLUSIVE FIELD ONE" shall mean [***]. (b) "EXCLUSIVE FIELD TWO" shall mean [***]. (c) "NON-EXCLUSIVE FIELD" shall mean proton radiotherapy medical installations.
Fields of Use. All applications and uses of the Cytori Products in humans including but not limited to, the Cardiovascular Field, the Diabetes Field of Use, the Orthopedic Field of use. The only excluded human medical applications are the Hair Field of use, which has been previously licensed to Bimini Technologies, Inc. This definition also includes the Equine Field of Use for the treatment of horses.
Fields of Use. The development of a platform enabling everyday users to have the experience of trading nft/crypto and become famous according to their artwork creations, without actually performing an actual trade while monetizing on their artwork creations.
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