Final Expansion Space Allowance

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Final Expansion Space Allowance. Construction of the Final Expansion Space shall be paid for and managed by Tenant pursuant to (and the Parties agree to be bound by) the applicable terms and conditions of the Work Letter Agreement, which shall govern the project, including without limitation the approval process and Landlord's approval rights set forth therein; provided, however, that Landlord shall give Tenant an improvement allowance of $487,514 in connection with the Final Expansion Space pursuant to Section 2.8(b) of the... Lease, payable by Landlord directly to Tenant's Contractor (as defined in the Work Letter Agreement) upon Landlord's receipt of invoices for the total project cost at "substantial completion" of construction of the Final Expansion Space. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties agree that (i) Landlord shall have no responsibility for any electric utility charges pursuant to Section 1(d) of the Work Letter Agreement and (ii) Sections 3(a) and (e) of the Work Letter Agreement are inapplicable to this work. View More
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