Final Order

Example Definitions of "Final Order"
Final Order. The meaning ascribed in the Settlement Agreement
Final Order. An order or judgment of the Bankruptcy Court, or other court of competent jurisdiction with respect to the relevant subject matter, that has not been reversed, stayed, modified, or amended, and as to which the time to appeal, seek certiorari, or move for a new trial, reargument, or rehearing has expired and as to which no appeal, petition for certiorari, or other proceeding for a new trial, reargument, or rehearing has been timely taken; or as to which, any appeal that has been taken or any... petition for certiorari that has been or may be filed has been withdrawn with prejudice, resolved by the highest court to which the order or judgment could be appealed or from which certiorari could be sought, or the new trial, reargument, or rehearing has been denied, resulted in no stay pending appeal or modification of such order, or has otherwise been dismissed with prejudice; provided, that the possibility that a motion under Rule 60 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, or any analogous rule under the Bankruptcy Rules, may be filed with respect to such order will not preclude such order from being a Final Order View More
Final Order. Means an order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction, accompanied by a written certification from counsel for the instructing party attesting that such order is final and not subject to further proceedings or appeal along with a written instruction from an authorized representative of such instructing party given to effectuate such order and the Escrow Agent shall be entitled to conclusively rely upon any such certification and instruction and shall have no responsibility to review the... order to which such certification and instruction refers or to make any determination as to whether such order is final; View More
Final Order. Shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in the Plan.
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