Final Payment

Example Definitions of "Final Payment"
Final Payment. Is a payment (in addition to and not a substitution for the regular monthly payments of principal plus accrued interest) due on the Maturity Date for such Advance equal to the Loan Amount for such Advance multiplied by the Final Payment Percentage
Final Payment. Means the sum of the value of (i) any earned and unpaid Base Salary, payable on the Company's next regular pay day following the Date of Termination, (ii) any vacation time earned but not used through the Date of Termination, (iii) any bonus compensation earned for the years preceding that in which the termination occurs and unpaid on the Date of Termination and (iv) any reimbursable business expenses incurred by the Participant but not yet reimbursed on the Date of Termination, provided that... such expenses and required substantiation and documentation are submitted within 60 days of termination, with reimbursement being made promptly after receipt of documentation, but in any event no later than December 31 of the calendar year following the calendar year in which the expenses were incurred. View More
Final Payment. The payment to be made at the discretion of the Company to the Hospital in accordance with Section 5.4.
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