Final Stock Performance Unit Dividends

Example Definitions of "Final Stock Performance Unit Dividends"
Final Stock Performance Unit Dividends. Shall mean an amount equal to the aggregate cash dividends that would have been payable on the Final Stock Performance Units if they represented shares of L3 common stock held on all record dates between the Grant Date and the date on which the issuance of Award Shares and the payment of the amounts contemplated under Section 10(c) is made; provided, that in the event of an equity restructuring that triggers an adjustment to Performance Measures and/or the number of Performance Units as... contemplated by Section 9, the amount of the Final Cash Performance Unit Dividends attributable to record dates that are prior to the date of such equity restructuring shall be calculated based on a number of Final Cash Performance Units that includes the effect of the adjustment to the Performance Measures but excludes the effect of the adjustment to the number of Performance Units. View More
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