Financial Strength Criteria

Example Definitions of "Financial Strength Criteria"
Financial Strength Criteria. As applied to any Person as of any date of determination means that such Person (a) has a net worth and financial strength on such date of determination equal to or greater than the lower of (1) the net worth and financial strength of Equinix as of the date of this Lease and (2) the net worth and financial strength of Carveout Guarantor (as such term is used in the Loan Agreement) on such date of determination, provided that in either case, the net worth of such Person is not less than... $262,000,000, and (b) is experienced in, or, has a management team with experience in the management and operation of first-class data centers comparable to data centers operated by Equinix or Equinix OpCo, and which, clause (a) and (b) are demonstrated to the reasonable satisfaction of Landlord and Lender and approved in writing by Lender, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. View More
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