Financing Activities

Example Definitions of "Financing Activities"
Financing Activities. Making, entering into, purchase of, or participation in (including syndication or servicing activities) (i) secured or unsecured loans, conditional sales agreements, debt instruments or transactions of a similar nature or for similar purposes, (ii) non-voting preferred equity investments, and (iii) investments as a limited partner in a partnership or as a member of a limited liability company in which another person who is not an Affiliate is a management member. For the avoidance of doubt,... 'Financing Activities' includes any financing, documented in the form of loans or leases or otherwise, with respect to any equipment manufactured, assembled or sold (in each case, in whole or in part) by GE or any of its Affiliates or any Intellectual Property (as defined in the Transaction Agreement), software, data or technology related thereto or any services provided in respect of any of the foregoing. View More
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