Finished Product

Example Definitions of "Finished Product"
Finished Product. Product which has been Manufactured under this Agreement meeting the Specifications (including, but not limited to, all manufacturing and testing Specifications) and the Packaging and Labelling Specifications and all other requirements of this Agreement, and which is Released and ready for immediate distribution by the Company to its subdistributors and/or customers
Finished Product. Means Product which has been Manufactured and Delivered by Pacira to the Company under this Agreement for sale to end users;
Finished Product. A product unit that is not packaged for sale, but is ready for shipping to packaging and a distribution location designated by BUYER
Finished Product. Any Other Licensed Product in a form for use by an end user and not intended for further chemical or genetic manipulation or transformation.
Finished Product. The Drug Product in conjunction with the Device.
Finished Product. Shall have the meaning given to such term in the recitals.
Finished Product. Shall mean the pharmaceutical product TESTOSTERONE UNDECANOATE capsules, manufactured by or on behalf of CLARUS.
Finished Product. Shall mean the finished dosage form combination drug and device product that contains the API ready for commercial sale, as further described in Exhibit A hereto.
Finished Product. The Product in tablet form, packaged and with Labelling, in each case, according to the Product Specifications including, if not agreed otherwise in the Tech Transfer Plan
Finished Product. The meaning set forth in the Preamble
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