Fixed Rate Loan

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Fixed Rate Loan. A Loan that is (i) a fixed rate loan or, prior to the occurrence of the Required Sale Date, a fixed rate bond, (ii) is not (and cannot by its terms become) subordinate in right of payment to any obligation of the Obligor in any bankruptcy, reorganization, insolvency, moratorium or liquidation proceedings, (iii) is secured by a pledge of collateral, which security interest is validly perfected and first priority under Applicable Law (subject to Liens described in clause (b) (other than clause... (v) thereof) of the definition of Permitted Liens), and (iv) the Borrower or the Collateral Manager determines in good faith that the value of the collateral securing the loan (or the enterprise value of the underlying business) on or about the time of origination equals or exceeds the outstanding principal balance of the loan plus the aggregate outstanding balances of all other loans of equal or higher seniority secured by the same collateral. View More
Fixed Rate Loan. A Loan with respect to which the Note is a Fixed Rate Note.
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