Fixed Rate

Example Definitions of "Fixed Rate"
Fixed Rate. The annual rate of Five and Thirty Six Hundredths Percent (5.36%).
Fixed Rate. The annual rate of Five and Nine Hundred Thirty Five Thousandths Percent (5.935%).
Fixed Rate. Seventeen and one-half percent (17.5%) per annum.
Fixed Rate. 7.0% per annum
Fixed Rate. That the relevant Notes will bear interest (and be payable) in accordance with the fixed rate interest provisions set forth in the form of Note Purchase Agreement.
Fixed Rate. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, if the Fixed Rate for any Borrowing (including any Fixed Rate Borrowing denominated in Mexican Pesos or Canadian Dollars and determined by reference to the Mexican Peso Negotiated Rate, the CDOR Rate or otherwise) shall be less than 1.00%, such rate shall be deemed to be 1.00% for the purposes of this Agreement.
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