Force Majeure Loan

Example Definitions of "Force Majeure Loan"
Force Majeure Loan. Means a Timeshare Loan in respect to which a natural disaster, pandemic, epidemic, act of terror or similar event has had a direct impact on the ability of the related Purchaser to make payments due to government shutdowns, home confinements, public health emergencies, or disruption of employment or to place of residence of such Purchaser, as determined by the Servicer in accordance with the servicing standards set forth in the Servicing Agreement and for which the Servicer has determined, in... accordance with such standards, to defer loan payments no more than one time per disaster as to any Purchaser and for a period not to exceed two (2) months. At such time as a Purchaser under a Force Majeure Loan makes two (2) consecutive timely payments thereunder after the Servicer's determination to defer payments, the related Timeshare Loan shall no longer be deemed a Force Majeure Loan. View More
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