Forfeiture Shares

Example Definitions of "Forfeiture Shares"
Forfeiture Shares. The term 'Forfeiture Shares' means the number of shares of Stock that became vested during the Restrictive Covenant Period pursuant to this Agreement and that remain held by the Participant as of the date of repayment required pursuant to subparagraph 23(b). It is the Participant's responsibility to ensure that the shares of Stock delivered as Forfeiture Shares are the shares of Stock delivered previously pursuant to this Agreement. In the absence of Company records or written documentation... from Participant's broker demonstrating this fact, the Participant must deliver to the Company the Forfeiture Payment determined as of the date that such shares of Stock delivered pursuant to this Agreement are transferred from Participant's stock account or otherwise become indistinguishable from other shares of Stock that the Participant may hold. View More
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