Example Definitions of "Founder"
Founder. Shall have the meaning set forth in the Recitals.
Founder. Shall mean each of Giovanni Coglitore, Nikolai Gallo and Jack Randall.
Founder. Shall mean Stephan Schambach.
Founder. Any of John E. Crisp, Charles C. Forbes and Janet L. Forbes
Founder. The meaning ascribed to it in the introductory paragraph hereto
Founder. Han Cao.
Founder. For purposes of this Agreement, "Founder" means each of (a) Jonah Peretti, (b) any trust, individual retirement account, or business entity (including any corporation, limited liability company, partnership, foundation or similar entity) for which Jonah Peretti retains sole voting and dispositive power with respect to the Common Equity held by such trust, individual retirement account, or business entity, and the trustees, legal representatives, beneficiaries and/or beneficial owners of such... trust, individual retirement account or business entity, and (c) the estate, heirs and lineal descendants of Jonah Peretti. View More
Founder. Means Geoffrey McFarlane and Brian Smith.
Founder. Each of Scott Mercer and/or Christopher Wendel, as applicable
Founder. Means the founders of the Company, in each case as listed on Schedule B to this Agreement.
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